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We provide quality employment and training services with a comprehensive range of professions, for substantial business-economic growth and performance.
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The EBC team has an extensive recruitment experience due to its continually reviewed and updated approaching methods, which are meeting current market conditions. Combining leading edge training methods with customer feedback at all levels, it enhances the quality and relevance for every project we are involved in. Every single specialist from our team is adding its own value to the headhunting and recruitment mechanisms by understanding cultures and implicit leadership theories across the international human resources markets from Europe, Middle East, USA or Russia.

We are highly prized professionals able to bring the best candidates to the companies, having a solid network with a developed sound professional relationships that can deliver introductions and recommendations suitable for every company’s position, from entry level to top management positions. Our culture is to maximize business requirements by selecting the best human resources, suitable for the company’s business directions and lifecycle. We know that companies are hiring people to make money or to save money and this is why we know where and how to look for the best professionals with the desired working skills according with the cultural and business environment for the organization.

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We have an extensive recruitment experience across international human resources markets from Europe, Middle East, Russia, USA and more.

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