Open Your Eyes. Oculus Go is Available Now

Be prepared to say bye to Facebook Ads (it won’t be the powerful tool that it used to be) and say hello to VR! Artificial intelligence, chatbots and VR are the  future. Business world must be prepared for this change, which allows it to have an intimate experience and explore new horizons.

Yesterday, May 1, Facebook announced that Oculus Go, the company’s first standalone headset, is now available at in 23 countries. Oculus Go is the most affordable way to get into VR. The comfortable, lightweight device is launching with 1,000+ apps, games, and experiences. Sounds perfect, right? 🙂

A new perspective: virtual reality

According to Facebook, VR has the ability to let us see things from new angles, expand our horizons, and improve our understanding of the world around us.  You will be able to attend live events from your office, to explore pressing social issues; everything will be changed: the way to play, watch or hang out with friends.

Oculus Go was designed to provide a high-quality fit and feel. This has to be seen as a compelling all-in-one immersive experience where content shines. And content is the king now!



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