Startup Nation: Israel, the New Silicon Valley

In a past article we were writing about reasons why Israel is the promised land for entrepreneurs. Now  we turn our attention to the facilities of this amazing country. Except the fact that is has a leading economy, smart minds and innovative people and it develops the newest technologies, Israel is indeed the promised land of any company to grow.  Not to mention the fact that it was ranked as the 1st in the world for innovative capacity and 1st in the world for entrepreneurship.

Let’s take a brief look at the three main advantages of doing business in Israel:

Innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. For many consecutive years, Israel has a significant GDP growth above that of the OECD and the US. So, despite the regional geopolitical challenges, the Israeli economy has been identified as one of the healthiest and most secure in the world. The fact that technology is the core of the economy, the human capital plays an important role also. As a fact, according to Huffington Post, Israel has highest concentration of engineers and PhD’s per capita in the world, all laying the foundation for groundbreaking research and innovation.

Israeli spirit – nothing is impossible.  Israeli thinkers, makers and doers are changing the world of Media & Internet, Cyber Security, Water Technology, AgroTech, Health & Life Sciences, Financial Technology, Automotive, High-Tech & Smart Manufacturing. And they are very passionate too, since more than 270 multinational corporations include Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Intel, Yahoo!, Motorola, HP, Siemens, GE, GM, IBM, Cisco and many more chose this country.

Easy. And fast. The Ministry of Economy offers countless programs and services designed to simplify the process of investment and magnify the investor’s profits. The wide range of governmental incentives and grants makes Israel the perfect place for foreign investors to shine.

So the question is: are you ready to invest in Israel?


We are inviting you to discuss with us regarding the governmental incentives and grants and connecting you  with innovative Israeli technology companies. Here, you have the chance to get one-on-one meeting in advance with investors and companies.


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