Do You Know Your New Audience? It Prefers New Ways to Connect with the Brand and Creates Its Own Content

Did you hear about Generation Z? You should. They are changing the rules in communications, working places, marketing strategies. They don’t like to work 8 hours a day in an office, and they love to spend more time outside, working, finding inspiration. Z comes from ZEN because Generation Z loves a certain lifestyle, one that cannot conceive life without internet.

Even if you have now a small shop with souvenirs, this article will help you see how you can reach your audience. You need to talk digital, because this generation is your next audience, and these people are not just digital natives.

So, what they love?


A new type of content

Generation Z is your next generation of audiences. In order to tailor your marketing strategy, you need to know their behaviors and tastes.

This is the first generation that has grown up with mobile phones, tablets, social media profiles,  and they love emoji & selfie-snappers. They listen to cool music, watch great shows, define new trends and styles.

I love you guys!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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Express themselves and set new trends

Take a look at fashion and beauty industry. Take a look at the trends in the make-up industry. I was the other day in Sephora to see the new HUDA beauty collection. I am not a fan, but I saw the movement on Instagram accounts. Bloggers, influencers, little girls, ladies try to find a new way to express themselves, to create a different type of content and to connect with the brand. Do you know the old fashion way when some girl was standing in front of a camera, smiling and some beauty artist was putting her make-up? Now take a look at this:

😍😍😍#hudabeautyrosegoldremastered @gabxxrielle

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Create a sharable content that can be consumed easily

It is not only about the type of content, it is how they consume it. Let’s take a look at another industry – coaching. Take a look at Gary V. He speaks to this generation and uses platforms where he can find them: Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube.  A recent study shows that Generation Z  between 18-to-24 yo spends two-thirds of their waking hours consuming content.



What do you need to do? Adapt your marketing and communication strategy:

  1. Use more hilarious photos that can be easily shareable, videos that can be seen between classes
  2. Be different and create movements. Stand for something
  3. Share moments on Snapchat and Instagram
  4. Write short news on Twitter and Facebook
  5. Include influencers on Instagram
  6. Do live streams
  7. Use as much as you can VR
  8. Your site should be mobile first


Remeber: they prefer ways to connect with the brand and express their own content.


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