Retail: A New Shopping Journey Arises. What Influences the Consumers in 2018

Bye-bye traditional e-commerce.

What is the future of retail this year and the years to come? Connected consumer we could easily say. Most brands face now a new challenge and that is finding a way to reach customers on new channels and be connected with them all the time. Voice-controlled devices and tech innovations allow that and this is why they are the main drivers of new commerce according to a report from Walker Sands.

Tech transforms everything

Study shows that 64% of the consumers who own a voice-controlled device used it weekly, and 50% have made a voice-controlled purchase in the past year. That shows a deep connection between the audience and the devices.  In the last years their popularity has grown.

Speedy delivery is no longer optional

Due to Amazon services and speedy delivery, new consumers expect a same day delivery. This also implies the fact that fast delivery is no longer optional, but it is a must. Besides that, Amazon’s dominance is forcing competitive retailers to evolve.

Brands and retailers now have to transform their customer experience and to make it an integrated part of the consumer lifestyle.


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